Xine - Region Free Dvd Software For Mac Osx



My name is Doug and the question posed by Alex about region free software for OSX interests me a lot. (Question - Region Free Dvd Software For Mac OsxMay 3 2005, 6:59am).

I read Charlie's response and downloaded from the provided links both Xine and VLC. I changed the settings in my control pannel to run one or the other when a dvd is loaded. Unfortunately I get an error message with both.

Just in case it is useful, I have a Powerbook G4 1mh. programmed for zone 1 dvds.
Here is what I do:

With Xine as the dvd player, I put in a zone 2 dvd and I an error message says: xine could not open 'dvd:///dev/rdisk3'. The error reported was error #7.

With VLC the error message says:
vcd: search for kIOCDMediaClass came up empty
vcd: failed to get the TOC
vcd: no movie tracks found
access_file: file /dev/rdisk3 is empty, aborting
cdda: search for kIOCDMediaClass came up empty
cdda: failed to get the TOC
cdda: no audio tracks found
cddax: Disc seems not to be CD-DA. libcdio reports it is DVD-ROM
main: no suitable access module for `dvdnav:///dev/rdisk3'

I can't find a user's manual or help for Xine but the VLC does provide one online that isn't a great help. I suspect that all this has to do with the fact that, being a newer computer, my DVD player has an RPC2 drive that won't allow VLC access. (I have a vague understanding that RPC1 drives work well with dezoning software while RPC2 doesn't.)

I'm not a programmer, so I can get lost quickly if there is any Unix talk.

Thanks for any help you can give.