XonX from Xfree86


Any1 put XonX yet??

From Xfree86...

I ran the sh Xinstall.sh -check and got a very short response not what I expected. (I think it is suppose to tell you which components to d/l)

you download the whole source and everything and then you run xistall, an it will ask you configuration questions and install it for you, very simple, but it will not tell you what to download.
Configuring XFree86 for MacOS X (and, well, any other setup I hear) can be a pain. You might try Fink, which will do the configuring, compiling, and other things for you (it will take a while, though). There are instructions in the READ ME that comes with Fink, and also on the website.
it's really not apin to cinfigure the first rule is DO NOT listen to the xfree 86 install information, it will scare you away, and it' sucks , found nice installation at stepwise i think...

i installed it in a bout 10 minutes, but you need that and xdarwin, it did not work without it, and xdarwin did not work without xfree from source. so use boh, then i installed gimp, very easily... it looks scary, but it's not tht scary if you find the right pointers, sorry i canot give u any links as i kn't remember them, but a word of coution, before attempting anything, i think someone said that itr may not work in os x.1 , i'm not shure, but check up on this.