:mad: :confused: My home intranet is hooked up with a Linksys router and the machines listed below. The macs can use any drive (not imac to XP because I don't have 10.2.2/DAVE) in the network using 'Connect to Server.' The only way I get files from the macs on the PC is to use IE Exploder and makes the macs into servers. Is there a better way to find the macs and use their drives?


In 10.2.2, go to System Pref./Accounts.

Edit the users you want to be able to login from XP and check "Allow user to login from Windows."

Next, in System Pref./Sharing, check the Windows File Sharing service.

In XP go to Start/Control Panel/Network Connections. At the sidebar on the left click on My Network Places.

Your 10.2.2 Mac should show up.



The Late: SuperMacMod
10.2 doesn't share your drives on the network, just the Public folder. If you want to make all your drives available, you can do it through the Terminal.

Open Terminal and type;

cd /etc
sudo pico smb.conf
You'll be prompted for the password.
You should see the following with the exception of the lines in bold which I added for my system so I could access all volumes on the Mac when in Win2K;
client code page = 437
coding system = utf8
guest account = unknown
encrypt passwords = yes

comment = User Home Directories
browseable = no
read only = no
create mode = 0750

[Bob Woods Computer]
comment = Root level of OSX-60
path = /
writable = yes

comment = CDs, disk images and network volumes
path = /Volumes
writable = yes

; path = /tmp
; public = yes
; only guest = yes
; writable = yes
; printable = no

; comment = All Printers
; browseable = no
; printable = yes
; public = no
; writable = no
; create mode = 0700

When done making your changes, hit Control-O to write changes to disk and press Return when prompted for a file name. The hit Control-X to quit pico and close the Terminal window.


OK Itried both of your approaches and niether one worked for me. I went to add network place in XP and added ftp://192 etc. This now is giving me ftp to some folders but I do not see the hard drive, applications, other folders or CDs in the drive. Note I am able to use PC CD drives from OSX.