Xp Users Can't Print to Os X Server 10.3.9 Or Tiger 10.4 Or 10.4.1


My XP users can not print to OS X server anymore! I did an update to 10.3.9 and poof, no more printing. New server with 10.4.1 has the same problem!

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

They probably need to Delete the printer and Re-ADD, just like we do in OS X when there's some major change.
I'm having the same problem. Can't print to my HP Desk Jet 932C from my Windows XP computer. Configured my G4 Mac running Tiger 10.4.1 over and over again, but it still won't work. Any ideas?
What I don't get is how to define that Printer Driver in XP.

My situation:

Dual G5 running Tiger. I have an HP PSC 750 (all in one) printer attached directly to the G5. I need it that way because we use the printer and the scanner capability within Tiger (Photoshop et al).

I have set up Printer Sharing, and Windows Sharing.

I have an account on the G5 that matches name/password with an account on the XP box.

On the XP side, I can see the shared file space for that user, and under that the "printers and faxes" node, which shows the printer. The problem is that the printer is defined ON THE MAC, and as such is defined with the printer driver in use on the Mac. There doesn't appear to be any way to change this on the XP side. So I can print all day long to this printer, but nothing ever appears, presumably because the XP box isn't sending it with Postscript info.

If I attempt to define a new printer in XP, using "local port", and trying to define a new port, using the G5 servername and the printer queue name, I run into two problems:

1) The server name (KG5.local) and queue name (750_PSC_printer) used together as the "port" (i.e. \\Kirsten-Frysingers-Machine.local\750_PSC_printer ) give me a "network name not found" error.

2) Using the name as reported under Windows Network, which initerestingly is cut off and somewhat camel-cased (Kirsten-frysing), and the printer name as reported in the Mac's Printer dialog: PSC 750 (Printer) like this:

\\Kirsten-frysing\PSC 750 (Printer)

Gives me the error that "Port is already defined".

So it seems I can't use the "network printer" as seen by Windows, because the printer driver is the HP driver and I can't override that with a Postscript driver when printing from XP, and I can't use a "local printer", because when I define the local port to be one that is recognized by Windows, it says the port is already define!


I couldn't get my PC to print to the Mac printer at all, till I saw a hint to change the driver selection on the PC to Apple Laserwriter driver instead of the driver for the printer. I can now print to the Mac's Lexmark Z54 using the Apple laserwriter driver on the PC. Try reinstalling the printer through the "add a printer wizard."