I'm thinking XPostFacto allows users too run OS X on unsupported machines...there might be a good chance that the developers for XPostFacto are changing the code so that OS X run on unsupported x86 machines??

Will this happen?? is it a good possibilty?? Is this the Wrong forum to post this in? (if so please move)
Depends entirely on the method Apple uses to prevent OS X from running on random x86 PCs. We really don't know what they're going to do yet.

Heck, between now and 2007, Jobs might have decided to let OS X run on any PC, so XPostFacto wouldn't be necessary. After all, Apple denied that they had any plans to go to x86 for years, while they were building it that way inhouse for ages.

Apple makes a better product than other companies. Doesn't mean they respect their customers more than other companies (sorry, off topic, I know.)