XRay and SuperGetInfo Rock!


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For those of you looking to enhance the limited functionality of the "Show Info" command in OS X, YOU MUST GET ONE OF THESE TWO APPS. I purchased SuperGetInfo (which is superior to its competitor, GetInfo (but only slightly better)) and then (damn, I wish I could "Undo" a PURCHASE!) discovered XRay on VersionTracker.com. This Owner/Group/Permissions utility (also deletes undeletable trash!!) is kick-ass.

FYI in case you're looking for a good file sharing permissions utility.
Also, for those of you who are not aware, MacGIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program -- or something like that) is a *FREE* open source UNIX image manipulation program (hey, like I said) like PhotoShop (but free!) ported to the Mac OS X platform by some kick-ass developers. Take a look for yourself...


Long live the GIMP.
The Gimp is for platforms like Linux or Solaris, where no real graphics packages are available. If you're a graphic pro, wait for Photoshop to be carbonated. If you're no pro, use Graphics Converter. The Gimp is okay but doesn't provide you with the right tools to do pro graphics.

I agree that GIMP is NOT a replacement for PhotoShop (but it *is* free!!) but it does do some things that GraphicConverter does not. And like it says, GraphicConverter is better for CONVERTING from jpeg to gif, and other file types, but GIMP seems to have a few more tools for image MANIPULATION.

I agree that PhotoShop rocks. I own it and will upgrade when (if :) they come out with an X version, but PhotoShop is expensive(!) and MAcGIMP is free. That has to count for something. (Even GraphicConverter -- which I also proudly support is not free -- I know because I paid the shareware fee!)