XServe/OSX Server NIC bridge question


Okay, I run a 30+workstation gigabit LAN with both PCs and Mac G5's, all serviced off a XServe. My server has 2 NICs (I had it built that way), and now I am ready to segregate my network into 2 bridged nets. (I want the art department (G5's) to be on their own dedicated network, since they use about 80% of the bandwidth now.)

My question is simple: how the blue-bloody-blazes do you bridge 2 networks on the XServe under OSX Server 10.3n? There seems to be a very limited amount of info on this subject, and I keep getting blank slack-jawed stares from various "support" people (MAC experts). I know it can be done, and it probably has to do with VPN functions, but past that, I'm lost.

I will say this: having worked with both PCs and MACs extensively in a networked environment, Apple could learn a few things from MS about networking. Bridging 2 NICs on a PC under WinXP is a simple 3-click process, and the XP machines seem to have a much easier time "seeing" each other over TCP/IP than the MACs do.

Any help would be appreciated.
Apple supports this in 10.4 Server's GUI, as part of high availability. I know Small Tree Communications has a solution for this:


Never used it though. If you just bought your Xserve, it should have Tiger included also, if your brave enough to deploy it... ;)