XSI on OSX petition


I have started a petition to try and get Softimage to port XSI.
So far the response has been pretty good, but interestingly most of the posts seem to be from PC users professing that they would switch if XSI were available on the Mac. So now I need to get some Mac users to chime in.
Check out Softimage XSI:

Then go to http://www.petitiononline.com/xsi2646/petition.html and vote.

Please only vote if you are seriously interested in this port. We need to show Softimage that there is a definite need to bring XSI to the Mac.


Ian Eisenberg
Anim8r, I just signed your petition because for a career, I want to get into movie special effects. I bought Maya 6 and I'm in the process of learning it, since Maya is really the only choice for OSX. Hopefully with this petition, Softimage XSI will be ported to the Mac. I really want to try it out.
I signed... even though I'm a long 3ds max user, XSI is an awesome piece of software that would shift some users over to the platform as well, imho.

Good luck with it all man.
good idea, just signed. Im a maya man, but OSX and unix deserves xsi, and 3dsmax for that matter!

lets see some quadro cards too please!
gollum - Lightwave is a great option as well for the Mac. Though not as widespread in the movie industry as Maya, it has a large user base in the broadcast arena (TV, Commercials, etc.), and is very comparable to Maya's feature set.
I'm not a 3D animation guy, but why not use blender?

it's free, open source, and is available on all platforms
blender is not high-end. Maya and XSI are the two main high end programs out there, though you could argue that Lightwave and 3DS max are too...

its mainly in what you can do with custom scripts and plug-ins etc. No software out there comes with all the tools you will need, and the ability to cutomise tools is very important in the high-end side of things, Maya and XSI are two such programs...