Yahoo music Videos for my iPod video and iTunes! but .wmv to .mov?



I guess everyone now wants to download music videos to watch them on the iPod video, iTunes and also on Front Row . Anyway in my case i m downloading them from Yahoo -just google "download 700k quality videos from yahoo for mac" and then i convert them from .wmv to .mov using Flip4mac to watch them on the iPod Video and iTunes/FrontRow. It works but the problem is that flip4mac plays only half the video on Itunes on the trial version : ( Any free program to convert? or there is a way to convert the .wmv yahoo music videos to itunes .mov videos inside the mac????

my powerbook costed me almost $2500, i m already broken to keep buying stuff... :mad:

ps. My advice if u would like to download videos from yahoo would be: 1. get ASFRecoderX 0.4 ( to download the video ) and 2. Lyfox - - (to find and watch the Yahoo music video that u wanna have, as well as to obtain the information of the "mms" of the yahoo video that you will put on ASFRecorderX to download the music video). This way does the job much better than if you do it with Videolan.

i hope you find this tip useful but tell me how to convert them for free!! Flip4mac does the job but i m sure theres a better way.