Yellowdog issues


Dark Archon
Greetings, I have run into some issues with Yellowdog and would like to solicit some help from all of you 'nix users out there.
1. Dual head monitor: I am using an old KDS 15" monitor with my PB. It works great in OS X (with the exception of only rendering in 1024x786, as compared to the 1280x854 of the PB screen.), I am however having issues getting it to work properly with YDL. There are various other KDS monitors in the listing for drivers, but not one for my particular model. Is there a way to update with a driver for this monitor? (KDS Rad-5 15")

2. Programming: I am learning (re-learning) PHP and mySQL programming in YDL as well as OS X and would like to know if there are any favorite help forums/sites that you have found. I use this site for all my OS X help (btw- THANKS!), and would like some info on other sites for 'nix and YDL.

3. YDL graphics: every once in a while some pixels will stall (or turn to some weird color) when the cursor goes over them. It is random and not the same pixels all the time. Is this common with TDL 4.0? Is there a setting I had missed somewhere in the installation or setup?

Thanks for your help. Looking forward to getting moving on YDL and my re-eduaction!