yep, and then some more...


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yep, all the above, and I've found a few more things missing that would be handy-dandy -

#1 - The dock - Ok, it looks cool, and is fun to play with for a few minutes, but has anyone thrown anything away yet? It's pretty hard to hit the trash. Give it a try. The animations are cool, but they make it hard to hit the trash. I like my dumpster right as far into the corner as it can go. Move the trash off the dock, and back onto the desktop. Trust me on this one. You'll all thank me for it.

#2 - Ok, now I have this classic 9 icon on my dock, but I want to quit out of classic. I know this isn't a standard mac feature, but what if a ctrl-click on the dock icon gave me a menu that had say a "Quit" option? Maybe even a mirror of that app's file menu? That would rule Beavis.

#3 This should be on top really - PCMCIA Slots!!!!
When Powerbooks ship with OsX pre-installed, are the card slots just not gonna work? That's really, really, really substandard. Kinda like (pardon the corny analogy) getting a new car and getting the ac that doesn't work.

#4 I agree with what you are saying about the desktop, about once a week I file all the crap I've collected on my desktop, trashing games, and putting work files with the rest of the job. But, during the week, I shave seconds off my daily tasks by having everything I need, strewn haphazardly about the desktop. I want my desktop.

That's enough for now, I've only played with it for a few hours, I'm sure I'll find more stuff to rant about!!

(Ps - I just rebooted back into 9 and it ran DiskFirstAid, is this gonna suck...?) I'll soon find out I guess.