Yes!!!! iTunes 2 is scriptable!!!!


Why didnt Apple say so? Its mentioned no where! But when you open the iTunes dictionary, its now full of commands to play stop, change the equalizer, create playlists and so on =)
Havnt tested it yet, but bar any bad surprise I will at last be able to voice-control iTunes properly (usuful when your lying in bed too lazy to get up to change your music ;-) )
Interestingly, most of these things were there (except for the equalizer one, of course). There was something at ResExcellence about how to access them, since there was no dictionary for them. I'm glad to see that there finally is one now.

P.S. How are you going to get your computer to hear you over the music? I tried this a while ago with either Macast or something else, and could never get it to work. Granted, I didn't mess around with it much.
I use a plaintalk mic, and it picks very little of the music. I'm not saying that speech recognition is perfect, but it works about as well with and without music.
That said, I'm never more than 2 meters away and I listen to music with a low volume. Oh, and I do miss commands ;-)
'play love and theft', for example, caused me so much troubles I changed it to 'play new dylan' ;)