Yet another Postfix Problem 10.3.7


Hey Everybody-
Forgive my spelling. I posted yesterday, but It didn't seem to go through. Here's the situation: I am trying to send a simple html form through some php. Postfix is installed, but I can't get postfix to work, or send email. After reading all the posts, and completing all the instructions on how to set up postfix on a panter server, I get this error message when I try 'sudo postfix start' from the command line:

"postfix: fatal: bad string length (0 < 1): mydomain_fallback = "

As stated in many forums, I've set mydomain_fallback to "localhost" and I tried setting it to a variable "$myhostname" as stated in another forum on the file inside the postfix folder. Both of these attempts are giving me the same error message. So, Then I just said whatever, I'll TRY postfix enabler even though the instructions said it won't work on OS X Server. This makes the error message in the mail.log go away, however mail won't send, and no error message is displayed as to where the email might have went or what the problem was. I've even tried turning on the verbose logging on the file as:

smtp inet n - n - - smtpd -v

And still, nothing is displayed in the log. Any help you could give me or ideas to try would be greatly apprecitated.

thanks in advance