Yet another Quicktime Problem


UNIX - Live Free or Die
Today when I switched my Mac on, it has suddenly stopped playing audio from AV recorded from my digital camcorder. Everything else plays fine, the video files play fine on VLC and mplayerX. It's been working without flaw right up until last night on Quicktime 7.

I have repaired permissions, verified my disk, restored Quicktime 6.5.2, trashed all the preferences and cache, no change.

I have not changed any of my codecs or anything only files from my camcorder are affected which are Generic MPEG-4 video and MPEG-1 audio.

The closest I found was this, with no resolution:

I have spent hours searching Google and elsewhere but have no answers or clue.

This is a real pain as I am working on a project and have been using these files in iMovie without a single problem until today!!

Does anyone know where the audio codecs are kept? Maybe they are damaged? I am also finding Quicktime is making the spinning ball appear a lot, perhaps it's related, sometimes requiring CMD+OPT+ESC to kill it, both with QT 7 and QT 6.5.2



UNIX - Live Free or Die
I have re-installed Quicktime 7, and have tried opening one of the files, I got a message saying:

Some necessary QuickTime software is missing. It may be available on the QuickTime Web site. If you have a dialup connection to the internet, make sure it is active, then click the Continue button to check for the software.

Which takes me to a page full of useless codecs I've never heard of.

WTF is going on?? This was working and now isn't - how can I fix this???