you have to pay for osx

do you think it is silly to have to pay for upgrade to 10.1?

  • yes

  • no

  • i steal money from my little sister's piggy bank so i don't care.

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i cannot believe that they are going to make people pay for osx. the nerve apple has is ridiculous. first of all -- the only reason that people all need to upgrade to 10.1 is because 10 was a more or less incomplete operating system. i know we all hate them, but when microsoft decided to ship windows2k v1 they didn't leave out the dvd player, optimized support for virtually every driver, scsi support, 3rd party support, and the myriad of other things that apple left out of os10.0. i would fully understand if osx had been slated as beta2. but osx was supposed to be a final release with missing features soon to be included via update. to say now that you have to pay (even if only 20 dollars) for the features that truly make osx a complete os is a farse. apple wants everyone to switch over to the new operating system -- and yet they do very little to convince anyone to actually do so. any of you remember ever having to pay for an upgrade to 9.1 or 9.2? yes os10.1 is a major upgrade with lots of additions over 10.0 -- but all these features should have been included to begin with -- otherwise what was the original 100 dollas for os10.0 for? shouldn't have to pay 100 dollars for a graphical -- but altogether slow and pointless linux gui.
I think I'll just run down the street and pick up my free copy on Saturday. I can't believe that people are bitching. Apple is going to put together a package of three disks and a manual and offer it for free at Apple dealers and still people complain.
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New poll: Is $20 a lot of money?

Yes it is! it means that I'll have to give up pizza for a week. My wife told me I could have one or the other. Maybe I'll wait a week, I have to have my pizza.:D
My apple store in Minneapolis said alls i have to do is show up and they'd give me the update for free and they should have plenty to go around so i dont have to show up really early. WOW :D
I was going to take a run over there tonight, but I didn't get a chance. Did they say when they would have it? It's cool living only about 10 mins away from MOA now. CompUSA seems somewhat dry after spending time in the Apple Store.
As far as i know they will start handing them out saturday morning. But they said they have plenty so i dont have to line up. (i asked) Either way i'm getting there early. When do they open? 9 or 10?