you need mac software?


After acting on my intuition (excuse my spelling, I'm swedish ;)
I started checking the sites out, they're all the same. Most likely
run by the person posting here. He has no actual warez but
he asks people to register on pr0n-like sites (he probably gets commision). I'm not saying scam/fraud is less illegal than warez distributing .. but if it's any comfort.. I don't think he's warezing.

Rasmus Ekman


Everybody is always nagging about illegal software...
I'm a student; I have no money!
What do you want me to do!
I try to buy the programs I really use like Flash and MacOS (just to support Apple).
But if you really want the best out of your mac you have to have a lot of money!!
I'm not going to spend a $1000 on DVD studio pro just to watch MPEG2.
Apple should support MPEG2 in Quicktime (Pro)! $30 is a good price for MPEG2 support!
I think a lot of you are just hypocrits (I'm not sure about the spelling..), everybody uses Photoshop, but how many have really bought the software????
And what about MP3 or pirated movies, it's the same f#cking ball game...
(or whatever the expression is....)


P.s. track my ip, turn me in.. I don't give a f#ck and our government is too busy to track down students using illegal software!


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Daemonic Member

He he that's good to know
unfortunatelly gameboy games arent worth the $$$ to get em these days :p
I fired up my SNES emulator and played a few old games of mine
(Zelda: a link through time, and inspect gadget lol... I cant get past level 4 on it!
even after....8 years!!! is somethign wrong ??? :p)


You played it emulated??
Why don't you own the originals anymore??
Sounds quite illegal to me!
I don't think Nintendo is going to like this...


P.s. Don't even think about saying you still own the games but not the SNES anymore, because no one will believe that............
P.p.s. Or that you deleted them after 24 hours.........


Simply Daemonic
It's so nice to see that I am quoted, even though this is the first time I am posting in this particular thread.

I have several point to make

i. I Do own the games I have as ROM,and I do have a SNES in my basement (it just isnt functional anymore and I aint paying to fix it)

ii. I am a student too and I won't lie, in the past I DID have software that was pirated (M$ works comes to mind which I copied from my high school). I am no saint and neither is anyone else, we all have, or have had, at least for half a day, software that can be considered "warez" but we should all do our part to help people that make the programs. I am a programmer, I know how hard it is for someone to code something and make it work and I don't want such hard work to go to waist because some college student cannot afford it.

iii. People look for warez, it's a fact, and even if you do not look for warez you have some imbecile that posts such threads and curiocity takes over. In the past I have used warez to preview apps before I buy them (apps that were not shareware that is), but now that I work full time my company has all the software imaginable and I CAN preview at work, furthermore my company has a site licence and any valid employee can use the software we have

iv. Building on my previously made point, do NOT tell me what someone's work is worth. It is NOT fair. When I, or any other programmer, or worker for that matter, sit down (or stand up depending on the work) and work to make, replace, or repair something, we determine how much the work is going to cost depending on how much we get tired, how exhausting it is for us and in general for other peopel in our field, and most importantly how much work we put into it. Would you even go to a mechanic and tell him "I want you to rebuild my engine for $40" ??? Hell f#cken no! He would laugh at you and kick you outta his shop. It's the same when you tell this forum that you can't afford to pay for DVD studio and you pirate it to view your stupid MPEG2 files. I got news for you. I got MPEG2 files too, I have no medium to view them, so I convert them in a painstaiking process and burn them to VCDs.

v. It is not polite to talk behind someone's back, which is exactly what you did sir with your previous post. I would advise you to use better diplomacy in the future and not to flame people that have not insulted you or otherwise talked to you.

vi. itstooexpensive, aparently you made that ID because you did not have the testicular fortitude to tell us what you had to say with your REAL ID. Until you are a man with enough guts to say what you have to say with your real ID I think that I, and possibly other members of this forums, will just ignore you since you are not worth listening to due to the fact that you are a....oh how shall I put this.... SISSY!

vii. Finally, I think we all agree that this thread should be closed, and any idiots who want to post info on warez sites should go to appropriate forums for that. There is a forum for everything these days, there is bound to be one for warez.

That is all I have to say for now



Sorry to keep the post a live guys,
but... I just wanted to say that student
licenses works pretty well here in Sweden.
A suite such as Office (for windows) can
be bought for.. I think so don't hang me
if it's not 100% accurate .. around 1200sek
which translates into 110usdollars.
This is an acceptable price compared to its
retail price. It's still a bit pricey for a student,
but office should be a big use as a student.
This goes for many many big programs,
I could get Photoshop for about the same
price...So being a poor student doesn't
justify things in Sweden anymore due
to government subsidies

Rasmus Ekman


I don't have another ID here.
And what did I told you about those bad arguments (SNES)?
My opinion is that $30 is a good price, can't I have an opinion anymore?
And Apple isn't getting $30 for all of their work; they are getting $30 per copy!

Ofcourse I'm not stupid, I know pirating software isn't fair to developers.
But warez do promote a platform. Windows is populair because there is a lot of (pirated) software available. What would you like as a developer;
1. Sell two copies and no one would pirate it.
2. Sell 100 copies and 30 people would pirate it.......

If there would be a lot of warez for MacOS, more people would buy mac's..
And as a result there would be more demand for Mac apps.


p.s. MPEG2 isn't stupid


There is a place for everything in the world.
Please don't you cry...

Software companies make money. Most programers make a living.
People without money find their own way.

This situation applies to many things.
Corporations, Banks, The Board of Directors, Market speculators, make money.
Employees make a salary, make a living.

It's not enough to work hard to be able to buy a house or car or send your children to school. You need to ask a loan. To get in debt. That's what the system dictates.
People without money still find a way...

There will always be a way...Cause and effect...

Greed and freedom. Freedom to be greedy and freedom to be free...

I salute both worlds but I'm not interested in them. There's more! much more to be discovered...

My greetings to you...


Yooo Vic!

Thanks for the good laugh...!

Finally somebody with a sense of humour.

By the way, my joint is called "reality", biggest trip in several galaxies.

I recommend a big dose of it, but not for the faint of heart.

My greetings to you...