"You need to restart..."


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Ive discovered a recurring issue (sporatic) of the computer going into "you need to restart..." mode after waking from sleep. My setup:

20" Dell Widescreen
BT Apple keyboard
Wacom Tablet (connected to the USB hub in the monitor)

Situation: I use the computer in lid-closed mode and when i press the "any" key on the BT keyboard to wake the computer, it awakens and goes directly to the restart screen.


I love the setup and would hate to abandon it.

Anyone else experience this?


Dark Archon
whaaa???? what is this command? (a little explanation might be warranted, especially when said fix is preceeded by a sly smily)...



The problem you are experiencing is commonly known as a 'kernel panic', and it could be caused by a variety of issues. It should not occur frequently. Common triggers for a kernel panic include the Norton Utilities program which may attempt to fix 'good' files on your directory, or problems caused by third party periperal devices (scanners,external drives) that may not be entirely compatible with your Mac. Try unplugging any devices you do not use as a first troubleshooting step.

If the problem persists, you may need to re-install your operating system.

Hope this helps!



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A kernel panic is often a hardware problem, faulty RAM or a USB hub that your Mac doesn't like. Reinstalling the operating system would be the LAST thing I'd try.

Try disconnecting the USB hub to see if that fixes it.


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disconnect only one thing at a time. if it carries on panicking, put it back, and remove something else. when it stops telling you to restart, you found your bad thingy.


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Or you could go the other way around (to prevent constant kernel panics :p). Unplug everything except for the essentials. Then one by one reconnect your devices. If you kernel panic, then you know that particular device was the problem. :)