You Want UNIX???


Funky Member
Try this for kicks:

login as root and go to the terminal. Then, type in kill 1 then hit the return key. That kills process ID 1 (INIT)...basically everything the OS X GUI is. Before you know it, it looks like you got the terminal window full screen or even dos...but it's unix, but a bit different...maybe a different shell? get out of this just type in logout then hit the return key.
you can use other commands here like ls, and even type in man open and that gets the open command mady by apple in 1989? that's odd... If you try to login as something other than root, you may fail, and you may find yourself having an awful time trying to get the computer to stop promting you for a login/pw...I think if you wait it will give up. Anyhow, something fun.

Why does that sound so dangerous to me? I dunno. But if you don't want to do that, you can logout, type ">console" as the username, no password, and login. You get the same happy UNIX command line, but without the... I dunno. Killing a process so deeply rooted down doesn't seem like a good idea to me. :)