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Hey all, So podcasting launched yesterday in the new Itunes. Theres ppl that love it and some that hate it..... i personally think its wicked. The one thing I found lacking is Itunes library of available podcasts, I KNOW there is more than this out there... so namew your favorite podcast, and maybe a url to the feed if possible.......
heh i guess ill start... everyone should try out the cbc radio 3 feed. Its a mix of canadian independent bands... its amazing...
TWiT (This Week in Tech)

This brings back the glory days of ZDTV/TechTV. Not the crap that's on there now. :rolleyes:

They shouldn't have the right to even call themselves "G4." Gives certain Power Macs a bad name... :D
Anything from LA's local NPR station... "KCRW".... BUT, more specifically, Harry Shearer's "Le Show".... if that voice sounds familiar, it's because he's the voice of MANY Simpson's characters... and also just an incredible wit, in general. Topical Humor. Genius.