Zio by Microtech



I just received my rebate Zio Multimedia card reader. Does anybody know about the MacOSX compatibility?
Don't know, but please tell us if you find out.

Theoretically, if they abide by the USB Mass Storage Device and Picture Control (or something) standards, it shouldn't need a special driver.


It needs a special driver in 9.2.1. It works just like a floppy disk in 9.2.1 - very nice. A Windblows friend chuckled when I, not he, had to install the driver :-( The specialized driver is probably already installed in Windows.

I sent an email to their tech suport. I'll probably call as well.

Why is it taking so long for HW vendors to write X drivers? It just isn't that costly! When Apple starts (if not already) making X the default OS, the vendors will have to spend the money or abandon a money making platform.

Sorry about the rant. Most of the items listed below do not have X drivers yet.

Tech support at MicroTechInt said they have full plans to support X when Apple supplies them with needed technical information.
"needed information." Bah. It's called USB Mass Storage Device. One standard. Works on all platforms. Even Linux. If they're writing their own little hacks of an interface, shame on them.


I assume that the device is not USB M.S.D. complient because it requires special drivers in 9.1.2. The device works in Windows without user installed drivers. That could mean anything!

Does the USB M.S.D standard include digital cameras and X's purported ability to mount them? If I am not mistaken X comes with drivers for most common digital cameras. I am not certain.

I just reread your previous post and the "Picture Control" item you were talking about is probably the answer to the second paragraph. In other words this device is non complient and they have to write drivers to do the same stuff already built into the OS - and they need help :-(
i have a zio mmc card reader. It does not work under OS10.1.2 (or previous versions of OS X) :(. However I just went out and purchased a SanDisk SecureMate MMC reader and it works like a dream. I got an email from SanDisk support beforehand confirming that it will work with OS X. They are quite cheap readers as well.

In the UK you can get them from Jessops for about £30.