Zip CD-R and iTunes 1.1


OK, can anyone help me here? I thought that iTunes 1.1 was supposed to allow me to burn to a CD? I have looked on their supported drives for iTunes and my burner (a Zip CD 650) IS listed on their site as a supported drive. Now does anyone know why iTunes will NOT recognize the burner when i hit the burn button? Mysteriously enough though, when I go into the Preferences:Advanced tab of iTunes my CD Burner is listed in the CD Burning area:


But when punching the burn button i get:

Burner or Software not Found. :confused:

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Erik Kulvinskas
PG G3 400 Wallstreet 384Mb RAM 6 MB HD
Dual boot system (classic and OS X apps running)

OK then, i pulled my head out of my arse long enough to figure out that i only had 1.1 NOT 1.1.1. duh...

Now, can anyone tell me why iTunes always stops playing randomly and then i have to go to iTunes and stop/start the controls and then it continues on the track it was playing.... until it stops again.