Zip disc formating


OK, stupid question of the day. Under Special...Erase disc..., how do you format a Zip100 disc for other than Mac OS Standard or Extended? I have an NT box at work and I need to transfer a file from home that's too big to email and not worth burning a CD. I'm pretty sure I've seen this addressed in some Tips & Tricks somewhere, but now that I need to do it, I'm drawing a blank. Have I lost my mind or isn't this supposed to be an option? I used to do it all the time with floppies. BTW, I have an Apple branded internal Zip drive in my G4/350 AGP graphics. In Disc Utilities, it shows up as an unsupported drive and therefore cannot be initialized.:confused:
Hey, thanks for all the helpful hints, people. Wow. What a helpful discussion site. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Boy, I can hardly wait to read all the reply's to my next question. You people rock.
Have you tried formatting the ZIP on the PC and just opening it on the mac?

Disk Utility never supported ZIPs. The way your formatted them in OS 9 was to go to the "Special:Erase" menu, just like a floppy. Another option is the Iomega Zip Tools software, but that never was able to format in PC format. I don't have a ZIP drive hooked up to my OS X mac, or I would try to find out.

I say just format at on your NT. The simplest and cleanest solution.
Unfortunately, this is something that broke under 9.1 and hasn't been resolved – in any Mac OS until 9.1, you could reformat a Zip as a PC format, if not with the Special:Erase Disk command, then with Tools. For some reason, this functionality has been completely disabled. I can't figure out why. Why take away functionality? Oh well, i guess its just one more step to a PC-less world, and I'm all for that.