Zip drive and applications


Hello, I have two small but somewhat irritating problems:

* I can't get my Iomega 250 USB Zip drive to work. I can "see" it in Disk Utilities but it comes up as not available in the system profiler and doesn't exist on the desktop. Any ideas?

* when I click on certain files (often jpegs) instead of loading the OSX native application to view the file my OSX is loading the OS9 viewer. How do I make it only load OS 9 if there is no suitable application in OSX. Any ideas?

Kind Regards

1) OS X PB can't mount PD formatted Zip's -- are you sure yours is Mac formatted? (I only ask because all mine are PC disks...) But then it should ask if you want to format it, huh? Hmm.

2) Select a document in the finder and "Get Info" on it. Then go to the "Applications" pane and select a new "default application for this type" that is an OS X app. You have to do this with each kind of document that opens (unnecessarialy) in OS 9, unfortunatley.
This is a feature that I would REALLY like to see put into a contextual menu -- "Open with" like in Windows. It is really really useful.