ZIP DRIVE not recognized


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It's kinda weird, but I've never needed to use my zip drive with OS X before, but yesterday I did.

My Zip Drive is an external SCSI, 100Mb capacity. SO I start up OS X (I usually reside in OS 9) and put my zip in and id does not show up!

Anyone else have this problem ? Is it fixable ?

My SCSI card is a grappler, but I am not sure what version.


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Does it go "wzzzzz-chunk" over and over, trying to read a Zip disk when you put it in? My friend had that problem on his USB Zip 100. He couldn't fix it.:(


I have no trouble using an external SCSI 250mb Iomega ZIP drive on my Beige G3. I can read both 100mb & 250mb disks, eject disks, and when I insert a disk it is automatically mounted. I am using the built in SCSI port on my Beige desktop.

I suspect that your problem is with your SCSI card driver. Do you have an X compatible driver for it? Do any other SCSI devices work on it?

- Steve

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Simply Daemonic
I will have to take a look at orange micro for it ... it never occured to me ... now id only I could remember the number of the card... its a grappler ... but what number lol ... out come the manuals :p