Zip Driver Support?


Hey there.

I need my Zip250 drive to work on my iMac (DV+), but even with classic running, it doesn't seem to be accepting my Zip disk.

It basically give three options: Continue (to use the rest of the disk space .. but the disk never shows up), Initialize, or Eject.

If anyone has done it successfully, please let me know how.

Thanks guys for input.

I found that OS X only recognizes mac-formatted zip disks, but pc-formatted disks. I know it's almost *duh* for some guys here, but having pc-formatted zip disk comes in really handy when I do my work on my iMac at home, then bring it to school computer lab on PC... I wish this functionality comes any time soon. :cool:
This thread reminded me that I had an internal ZIP100 drive in my old Pc. I pulled it out, installed it into my quicksilver (10.1), and it reads and writes my old PC formatted zip disks just fine... (in limited testing).

ah the fun of going though old backups :)