Zip drives still buggy in 10.1


I'm generally psyched about 10.1, now that I can connect my Palm and digital camera I've switched over for real.

When I played with 10.0.4 I noticed that I could cause a Kernel panic just by putting a PC-formatted zip disk into my zip drive (and I don't recommend this!) Happily this doesn't happen any more with 10.1... BUT...

Now I'm having problems with zip disks again. After I pop in the disk, an icon appears on my desktop, I can open the files and create folders, but I CANNOT copy files to the disk using the finder! I get an "unexpected error" dialog, and it fails. Oddly enough, I can still save files to the disk from programs that are running, just not the Finder.

Related problem seems to be that when I try to eject my disk, I get dialogs complaining about "disk in use;" and another weird one I don't remember... but then the disk ejected anyway.

Anyone else had this problem? Also, how do I report this problem to Apple? I surfed their web pages, but couldn't find "the" OS X feedback page.

I haven't had that problem with my ZIP drive, but I had a CD-ROM in yesterday that, when I tried to eject it, gave me a "disk in use" message and I couldn't get it out w/o rebooting. I wonder if this is just a general Finder bug.
Thanks for the info, testuser!

I did try reformatting the DOS zip disk in OS X, as a DOS disk. That did NOT fix the problem. However, when I reformatted the same disk as a mac disk, things started working again-- could copy files to it, etc.