.zip problems


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OK so I haven't had any trouble with unzipping stuff on my mac. But all of the sudden only my dad (Root Account. I've set myself up as "Admin" due to upgrading) can unzip them. It gives us the error of "Unsufficent privelegeds" or something. Any quick way to solve this?
You enabled root and let your dad use it? That was not the smoothest move. There was no reason to enable root. There was even less reason to let your dad use it.
He set up the computer. << and it's the account that was the first one created... So I had no controle... and how can I fix this?
The first account created (when initially setting up MacOS X) is not the 'root' account; but, just an 'administrator' account. It is then from this administrator's account - that other accounts (even designated as 'administrator') can then be created.

To create a 'root' account, the current administrator must launch 'NetInfo Manager' ('/Applications/Utilities/') and manually set up the 'root' account.
Thus, did your father merely set up the initial 'administrator' account; or, did he also set up the 'root' account?

'It gives us the error of "Unsufficent privelegeds" or something.' is insufficient. Try unzipping a file, and this time record exactly what is displayed - then reply with such information.

If your father did set up his administrator's account for 'root' access, have him disable the 'root' account. Then see if you can once again unzip any '.zip' files.