Illustrator 10 error: "Adobe Illustrator Cannot Run."

Discussion in 'Mac OS X System & Mac Software' started by IslandJordan, Feb 3, 2002.

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    Anyone else getting that? This may be an old issue - but I haven't tried to run it in a while.

    Looking on the Adobe help site, it says that the problem can be solved by removing any extended characters and forward slashes from the app's path. First, there are none, and second, I've moved it to various places and I'm STILL getting the same error.

    Thanks in advance. You know you kids'll figure it out.

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    Well...this is the standard error if you are running the (already expired) beta version. At least that's whats written all over the Adobe forum.
    So, there are three possibilities

    a) you are an official Adobe beta tester but somehow missed the letter in which it says that the beta expired. If you are an Adobe beta tester, you should know how to get a legal, working copy of Illustrator.
    b) you are NOT an official Adobe beta tester but running the beta nonetheless, then I'd say just get a legal copy of Illustrator
    c) you have a legal copy of Illustrator, then you should be able to pick up the phone and call Adobe support

    I have heard that problem about three dozen of times over in the Adobe forums, and everytime it was reason b).
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    So there are really three possibilites. You can either:

    a) trash and reinstall your original copy of Illustrator 10

    b) go to your favourite dealer and get the final version (Apple store, Adobe store, HL/Carracho server...)

    or c) not draw in Illustrator. :)

    Let's be a bit more helpful. What *is* the actual path of Illustrator on your system? Did you try and run the app as another user? Is the application on a UFS or HFS volume?

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