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    Logging In To The Account Failed Because An Error Occurred Log In To Account.

    this is the error i get when i try to login with ad login on an imac running 10.5.8 binded to ad and od, this is once i have logged in with one account logged out and try to login with another, dns is resolving fine on both the client and the server, the server is running os x 10.5.8
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    I was wondering what is hosting the domain? Plus is this an roaming account you are trying to use in this Domain?
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    For what it is worth - it seems I have the same problem. Also on 10.5.8 (client and xserve). Active Directory is Windows Server 2003 level. Exact error message is:

    You are unable to login to the user account "{AD logon name}" at this time.

    Logging in to the account failed because an error occurred.

    This occurs for all recently created accounts. Other user accounts (created last year) work fine. I can't find any difference between the accounts or home directories on the xserve. AD points to the home dir on the xserve for both sets of users & mounts fine for older accounts.

    I have some wireshark captures of successful and failed logins, where I can filter just the LDAP traffic, but I don't know enough about LDAP to pinpoint where it fails.

    It is getting to be pretty serious that new students can't work normally on our Macs ...

    Andy Mac (anykey)

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