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    Slow network from client to server

    Yes, I had similar performance issues on a client's network, which now in hindsight, reveals itself to have occured AFTER the 2003-12-19 Security updates. Pushing files seems to be the most noticeble, pulling files seems to be fine. We Downgraded to 10.2.6 on 1 G4 and Upgraded to Panther...
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    Panther, How fast does it "Run"

    To all Developers running the Panther Pre- Release. Is is a fast? Or will we need to wait til 10.3.9 before it doesn't make My Quicksilver 933 feel like my old IIVX. Thanks, Frank
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    Clarus the Dogcow

    Yes, I saw Clarus (In Name only) while in a File Open Dialog Box in Classic, It referenced my Macintosh HD as "Clarus" Moof moof, narf. Anybody else see this?