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    Why Not To Change The Mac Hd To A Shorter Name

    One of my friends buys a Mac mini with OS X 10.5.8 and one of the very first things which I have noticed was the previous owner had changed the single drive name from Macintosh HD to a new one. I read somewhere that it is not good to change the primary name of the hard drive from Macintosh HD.
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    How To Eject Cd/dvd From Mac Os X

    Can anyone please tell me how I can eject CD or DVD from my Mac? I am using Mac OS X Yosemite.
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    How to convert video to iPhone 6 Plus?

    Why don’t you try Handbrake software? It open source free tool to convert videos. Moreover, free demo version can be tried. Apart from it, other video converter tools like Miro, QuickTime can be used without downloading anything.
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    How to transfer music from iphone to computer

    I have iPhone5C and whenever I want any song from my Windows PC computer. Simply, I connect iPhone with PC and via iTunes software (free) sync process I get songs into my iPhone
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    How do u think about iPhone 6?

    This post is little old but let me share my experience about iPhone6 plus. I have a golden color iPhone6 plus. It has advanced features as compare with its earlier versions. As per its name, “Bigger than bigger” then yes; It is the same. Designed with big screen with better display and thinnest...
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    Updating a migration

    May I know which kind of the new stuff you want to transfer? Moreover, Migration Assistant is able to transfer user account, applications and other from one drive to another in simple ways.
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    Is Handbrake the best video converter for Mac?

    I too like Handbrake software of video converter for Mac platform. It’s free and additionally most of the settings are already preset for us. But it doesn’t work well on Mavericks and Mountain Lion OS X versions.
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    Finder Crashing Every Minute 10.6.8

    Open Terminal. Type this command and hit return. Wait till drive get scan completely and let you to ask to press Y (yes) in case of overwriting few .DS_Store files. username$ sudo find / -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec rm {} ;
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    Safari Not Quiting Upon Restart Yosemite

    Try to force quit from Safari. In my opinion database files would be the reason which restricts Safari to quit normally. Remove the plugins through the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ path for a time period (save those plugins to another location and restore later). Got to ~/Library >Safari and...
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    Yosemite Running Slow

    Initially I was also facing slow Yosemite Mac issue. But I won’t recommend to go for Resetting SMC and PRAM portion. Rather very firstly go for the standardized speedup measurements like repairing file permissions, turning off unused OS X features like Bluetooth, file sharing feature, organizing...
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    How to transfer songs to an iPod from a different computer

    Well, I have an iPod (Classic). Ususally for transferring songs and photos, firstly I connect my iPod with Laptop. Then simply drag and drop items from my Laptop to iPod and wait till synchronization process get finished in iPod.
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    Official Yosmite Thread! :)

    Let me share my experience from installing to working with Yosemite. In fact OS X 10.10 came up with a complete makeover of Safari. Many new features like removal of items from Dock, sending an audio during chat, turning on of iCloud drive, taking screenshots by connecting an iPhone (running...
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    Handoff - Are You Supported?

    Well, I was little scared before installing OS X Yosemite on my Macbook Pro. But after keeping an eye on other Yosemite issues posts and experienced Tech savvies ideas for a long time, Now I got an ability to install Yosemite. I also tried making and taking calls in between my Mac and iPhone6. I...
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    Handoff - Are You Supported?

    hey, I would like to share my experience of enjoying the feature of making and taking calls between Mac and iPhone. Although I have iPhone5C and Macbook Pro. I made few settings in Mac and iPhone (Settings> Face Time> Preferences> iPhone Cellular Calls). In Mac, I checked the option of...
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    Yosemite Brings Increased Boot Time - Progress Bar

    When I tried to install OS X Yosemite in my Macbook Pro (2012 late) then it took the same time as mentioned by SGilbert.....May be the consumed time is due to any other issues, but I am happy to have this version to work. few awesome feature like blinking Apple Logo while 'turning off' Mac and...