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    10.1.3 - DVD not supported on B&W?! Worked under 10.1.2

    My Pismo Powerbook G3 DVD also worked fine under 10.1.2, in fact it was even better than OS 9, but it doesn't work at all now. I have flashed the firmware on it to make it region free though, could this be the problem ? It still works fine under OS 9 though, albeit a lot slower than that...
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    using alcatel USB ADSL modem with X???

    Bad news, the only way I've managed to get OS X to work with the sea slug is to plug it into another computer and run some sort of proxy software. I use Windows 98 and winproxy, it works quite well and it let's you share your connection with more than one Mac. The reason I had to resort to...
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    Anyone tested Quake 2 / Quake 3 test?

    Not good news I'm afraid. I downloaded the MacOS X server version from the Omni website and tried it on the beta and it doesnt work. Apparently MacOS X Beta doesnt run MacOS X server applications. I emailed Omni, asking if a version of QuakeII was going to be released for the beta and they...
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    Aargh my eyes !

    Has anyone managed to change the brightness in the Monitors control panel ? On my PowerBook both the contrast and brightness sliders are greyed out. Needless to say in low light its like looking into a light bulb, you can feel your retinas burning :(
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    Success! - Dual monitors

    I have managed to run my PowerBook (Firewire) in dual monitor mode with no problems. However, you cant use just the external display, because closing the lid makes the machine sleep, regardless of whether the power adaptor is plugged in or not. Speaking of sleeping, how about those sleep...