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    How can I AFP to Multiple IP Addresses behind an Airport Extreme

    My all Apple office has 5 static IP addresses provided by our ISP, previously we had been using the IP Mapping feature on our Netopia Cayman 3500 modem/router to access our computers from outside the office. We recently ditched the Netopia router/modem for just a standard modem and added an...
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    backup 3

    I'd recommend finding another app for your backups. Apple's backup has failed to restore my files on 2 different occasions after hard drive failures, giving no explanation as to why. I've had no problem restoring a single file after accidentally deleting it or needing to back up to an older...
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    Music Editing Software...

    How's about for editing midi files? I have some midis I'd like to spruce up a bit (i.e. change track insruments to piano for the most part). Thought I had it when I figured out how to import midis into GarageBand (via GB Midi Import) but there no way to export a midi from GarageBand far as I...
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    USB 2.0 through Firewire Hub

    Thanks ElDiablo, I was able to firewire network my iBook to the iMac and and set the iTunes up so it reads from the same library file. Works very well, I can even run iTunes on both machines. Not sure how much connection speed I'm loosing to the iPod though, still seems a bit slow.
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    USB 2.0 through Firewire Hub

    The G5 is at work and my music library is at home, I may be rethinking this. I have found a workaround that will get me through the day. I target mounted my iMac to my iBook which has USB 2.0. Then added the iTunes Music Folder on the iMac to the iBook's iTunes Library (without copying) and...
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    USB 2.0 through Firewire Hub

    I just got a new iPod Video for Christmas and was shocked with the realization that my G4 iMac has no USB 2.0 (3 years old and it's obsolete, thanks Steve). I have a Firewire Hub that supports USB 2.0 and only connects to the 'puter using a Firewire cable. Will this work or will the iPod...
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    California Skunk!
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    WARNING! When Deleting Mail Pref's

    Just a little heads up for anyone thinking of deleting your Apple Mail pref's, doing so erases all messages in your inbox! Placing the messages in a mail folder keeps them safe, but anything left in your inbox is GONE! :eek:
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    Tiger wish list - feel free to add to it

    sorry, but I am NOT reading all that!
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    I returned Tiger to Apple today

    Put Tiger on my daughter's eMac today using the "Upgrade" feature. Worked like a charm with no problems at all ... go figure!
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    Any way to search the old-fashioned way?

    i added EasyFind too. Spotlight is just not finding things for me. anyone know of a way to get spotlight to index again or does it do this on it's own?
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    I returned Tiger to Apple today

    Muppet here -- You should scroll up and read again, nobody is slating the first time posters here, I just find it idiotic that a new commer enter this forum group dishing out insults to other users on his/her very first post ... much in the way you just did. Would you go to to a party full of...