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    OSX and restarting

    it doesn't show, but MacOS X is doing a disk scan (very important), unlike MacOS 8.5 to 9.x where you can cancel the disk scan (and repair) and unlike pre 8.5 where it wouldn't do any scan. (if your computer had a delay after crashing with pre 8.5, it wasn't caused by it doing a disk scan... )
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    PB G3 Firewire DVD Playback

    There was an update just released for the Apple DVD Player in MacOS X, version 3.0.1 available through the software update weighs in pretty big, at 15 MB or so. it just mentions improved performance & stability, as well as added support for Blue & White G3, as well as G4 PowerMac's with...
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    Television & DVD

    There was just an update posted for the Apple DVD player in MacOS X (version 3.0.1) it doesn't mention your problem specifically, but there's always hope =)
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    Apple DVD player update 3.0.1

    DVD player update 3.0.1 is now available through software update "delivers improved performance and stability, as well as support for Blue and White Power Mac G3 and Power Mac G4 systems with PCI-based graphics." I'm guessing that means the ones with the hardware DVD add-on with the Blue...
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    System Hangs on launching applications

    yes, you need to enable the root user in order to login that way I can't remember the steps to enable root, I've never had to use it on any MacOS X machine yet. you should probably reboot, after the chime, hold down command-s (to startup in single user mode) at the "#" prompt, type...
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    quicktime is SLOW

    from what I've seen, MacOS X does not seem to have full acceleration for the Rage IIc or Pro chipsets that were in the early iMacs the difference between a Bondi Rev/b iMac and my iMac DV (with it's Rage 128, 400 Mhz G3) is amazing when doing basic things like dragging a window, a 300 Mhz...
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    They Bounce forever...

    This bouncing but never launching seems to have several causes On some people's machines, they are able to remove one or more carbon apps from automatically starting up at login, and things work fine I haven't seen if any of these people have also tried doing a fsck -y in single user to...
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    [Process completed]

    I have heard of this before, related to a problem with the tcsh being loaded... hopefully someone else will be able to give you a specific fix for it, just letting you know that others have seen the problem before.
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    help! imac dv se won't boot at all.

    Didn't read far enough, someone already recommended what I was going to suggest (to boot into single user mode, and running fsch -y)
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    Installing MacOS X on an early iMac

    ran into something interesting, apparently there are 2 sets of readme's that exist for Mac OS X install CD's the one when you are booted from the installer mentions that installing on a beige G3 or PowerBook G3 Series mac, that you have to install on the first 8 GB of the hard disk... on...
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    my quicksilver doesn't keep time

    I've read of this happening before I'll do some digging tonight to be sure but I think that resetting the power manager (CUDA button it's sometimes also called) on the motherboard might fix it... again, I'll find out specifics and post here again, to make sure you get the right fix.
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    stange: icons keep jumping in the dock but nothing happens!

    so much for my earlier post... at least on this particular Titanium PowerBook G4 (500 Mhz) the problem keeps re-occuring when the carbon apps stop launching properly, he can run the iTunes 2.0.1 installer, and things will work again, for a day or two, then it breaks again next time it...
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    agfa snapscan...

    What scanner model is it? (e.g. AGFA Snapscan e20) have you tested your cable with any other usb devices? does it show a power light? if you answer these, someone might be able to help you out =)
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    printing out osX finder window

    Print Window available from VersionTracker (MacOS X Tab selected) and search for "Print Window" there might be other apps as well, but that one seemed to have good reviews. last updated Oct 15th, so it definately works with 10.1 (and one...
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    No ADSL internet connection but have LAN

    I've used Pagemaker in classic while using Mac OS X 10.0.x and it seemed to run fine, just setup the printers in classic, and was able to go right to work... now I wasn't doing book layouts, mostly just business cards, posters, and other one page layouts/work, so major jobs may run into...