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    Utorrent Has Malware

    Just downloaded "µTorrent Stable(1.8.7 build 37979)" - and routinely ran it through virus barrier. It's got "OS X/Spigot.A" according to Virusbarrier. Beware. I'm officially a permanent non-uTorrent user.
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    Non-deprecated 10.9 framework for arbitrary-precision numbers? e.g. BIGNUM or GNU MP

    Technically openssl/bn.h is available, but all of openssl is technically deprecated! Of course there are vector-based big number functions, but those only go up to 1024 bits. While that's gonna be a mighty big number, for sure, it does not allow numbers of arbitrary size. I've searched...
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    USB 3 card for MacPro...

    Yes, I have tried installing it, and using a few different 3rd party drivers with it - to no avail. If I don't install any drivers, it does NOT show up in system profiler, alas.
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    USB 3 card for MacPro...

    I recently bought a Micronet RAID drive. It came with a USB3 card of unspecified brand - and as near as I can tell, Micronet does not make it themselves. The included driver disk contained nothing useful, alas, and so I'm hoping that - if I know what brand it is - I might have a shot at...
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    Internet gurus - help. Timeout in traceroute

    Thanks for the input. I don't really know what I can do as far as sleuthing out the offending device - they're all Time Warner's routers, and it's practically impossible even to get someone on the phone who knows what the hell they're talking about.
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    Internet gurus - help. Timeout in traceroute

    I've got a Mac Mini server providing a web site and VPN via the internet. I've got all the needed ports forwarded on my cable modem and most of the time it all works beautifully. Then every once in a while nobody can connect, even though the server seems to be running fine - and it (the...
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    They want to forget Darwin ... [help]

    The "Bob's Place" section is reserved for any subject at all, regardless how off-topic. Also, yours is the first post to this thread in several years.
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    Time Machine question

    FWIW, I think you can only do Time Machine backups to HFS+ disks, whether local or remote.
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    Can't Index RAID drive in Leopard server

    But to the Server CPU it's not a "remote" drive (external, sure, but not remote). Very frustrating.
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    Can't Index RAID drive in Leopard server

    I have a Dual G5, running Server 10.5.8. Attached I have a Promise SmartStor DS4600, connected by Firewire 800. The SmartStor is a 4GB raid device, configured as RAID5, capacity 3 TB. Apple sells it from their online store... I can't get Spotlight to search any of the share points on the...
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    Is there a processor-independent vec_xor?

    vec_xor is the Altivec (G4 & G5) command to do an XOR on a 128bit wide vector. There is also an intel-specific instruction _mm_xor --- something. The vecLib is supposed to offer processor-universal instructions - and come on, XOR is about the simplest thing you can ask a computer to do...
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    Caption The Photo!

    that's just so WRONG...
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    Cons of iPhone and Apple TV

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    Cons of iPhone and Apple TV

    They could call it the :)Phone...
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    Cons of iPhone and Apple TV

    Tragic but true, no 3rd-party apps for iPhone: Which frankly takes it right off my wish list. I have an iPod, I have a phone; I have minimal interest in merging them. A pocket Mac, on the other hand, would rock -- but one that only does...