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    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    The Flip4Mac forums make mention of the issue with QuickTime 7.0.4: Worth waiting for, since even though it does crash when quitting, it still loads files that Media Player itself...
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    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    Most likely. Figures. =)
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    WMV Done Right, by Microsoft!

    When I close a WMV movie that's playing in QuickTime, QuickTime crashes and displays the Send Error Report window. Does the same for the web-plugin too, tried it on Amazon's site and a few others. I tried removing the DivX plugins, but there's apparently no conflict there. Anyone else with...
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    Lost the network icon

    You can also get to it from the Finder's Go menu. Also, from the Finder's Go menu, you can select the Computer item and a window with your Network and other drives will be be displayed. You can then drag the Network icon back over to your sidebar. You can drag any other items to the sidebar...
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    play wmv files on mac??

    Sounds like a message you might get when trying to copy a protected Media Player file on to an unlicensed computer. But I really don't know.
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    Mail still won't hide on login, and Safari still has scroll bar graphical glitches. Silly stuff, especially the login items which worked just fine in Panther.
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    Longhorn Vista Pics & Movie

    Well, at least the shiny black taskbar looks better than the default XP taskbar. :) I did find the annoying notices funny, I hate turning on my PC and having to wait for 10 notices to show... windows update, virus updates, spyware updates, printer updates... etc. It basically looks like XP...
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    OnyX is NOT Freeware?

    SofoTex is a crappy site and so far I think that whoever runs the site just copies MacUpdate. Whenever I submit one of my products to MacUpdate, I get an email the same day from SofoTex saying some crap like "Your product has been approved" or "Thank you for submitting your product to...
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    10.4.2 is out now.

    It also didn't seem to address the Safari scroll bar redraw issues. I had reported that a while ago and it is listed as a "duplicate" in Apple's Bug Reporter. (Along with the Login Items problems.)
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    10.4.2 is out now.

    Yes, my Finder still shows 10.4.1.
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    10.4.2 is out now.

    Mail still won't hide when set as a login item. That was the one thing I wanted fixed the most. Silly, but really annoying considering that it worked just fine in Panther.
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    Acrobat Font Rendering

    Since switching over to my PowerBook for 95% of my computer work I haven't messed with Acrobat and instead usually use Preview... basically because it's faster and looks nicer, even if it doesn't have all the "features" Acrobat has. However, while working on a PDF version of my resume and today...
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    DHCP Problems with Windows XP

    Assuming all the hardware and network is setup properly, sometimes Windows just gets "stuck". In which case, you can release/renew the IP using ipconfig on the command line.