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    deleting one instance of a file in Time Machine

    Thanks. A followup question...I thought that a TM drive had to be dedicated to TM files only (unless it gets partitioned into multiple volumes). Are you saying it is OK to copy files manually to a TM drive and that it won't interfere with normal TM operation?
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    deleting one instance of a file in Time Machine

    I know it is possible to delete all copies of a file backed up to Time Machine in Leopard. Is it possible to back up only one instance of a file backup up to TM? I am using TM to backup my VMWare Fusion disk (about 13GB) and it takes up a lot of space and I don't need all those copies...
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    login items won't "stick" across restarts

    I'm an experienced OS X'er with an unusual problem... Starting about a month ago, most (but not all!) items added to "login items" in the Accounts Pref Pane don't get preserved across restarts or logout/login. I can add an app without a problem, and after closing and reopening System...
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    Disk Utility Crash Under 10.4.1

    I'm having an ongoing problem with Disk Utility crashing under 10.4.1. After an initial restart, Disk Utility functions correctly. When, after some hours, I attempt to access Disk Utility, I get the splash screen and then the spinning beachball. Force quit does not work (DU disappears from...
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    Copy of Tiger install DVD won't boot

    The original install DVD works fine. I have also tried the direct copy method in Toast. The copied DVD does NOT work if the "c" key is held down at startup (nor does the copied disk even mound on the desktop, and won't mount with Disk Utility).
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    Copy of Tiger install DVD won't boot

    I made a backup of my Tiger install DVD--I have always made a copy of the install CD's and used those rather than the original. The copy will not boot. In fact, it won't even mount. I'm using disk utility to create a CD/DVD master and then burning from it. I haven't heard that the install...
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    OS X install DVD takes forever to boot

    I made a copy of the DVD install disk for backup purposes, using my built in combo drive (G4/MDD) as the "source" drive an a new external firewire Pioneer DVR-109 as the "target" disk. The burn completed flawlessly. If I put the new disk in the DVR-109 that made it, it mounts immediately...