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    I got nothing

    There was something after all.
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    Take the Leap

    Is it too late to upgrade?
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    OS 9.1 application will run in X, but keeps quitting.

    I'm pretty sure there is nothing Apple can do for you as Quicken is third-party software. Maybe Quicken 2001 (which probably came out in 2000) is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 (which came out in 2002). Does it work well under MacOS 9?
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    Selling iMac, what to delete before I sell?

    If you have anything too personal (like file with credit card numbers for example, or tax reports, etc.) you should know that anyone with some skills and a basic recovery software can recover those files even if you delete them, so don't forget to use the option "Secure empty trash" when you...
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    iMac blue screen @ start-up

    I've had this problem with my old iMac G4 from OS X 10.1 until OS X 10.4, sometimes I reinstalled OS X, the problem went away only to come back, sometimes the problem stopped without me doing anything. It went from 4-5 minutes to 30-40 seconds. Strange, back then (like in 2002 or 2003) I called...
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    Bill Gates is an ugly person...

    You know what? If you're rich, you don't have to look good.
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    The Zune

    About that video with both birds burning: does it mean the Zune will burn, like Dell laptops?
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    eMac won't read CD/RW

    I've got the same problem with an iBook SE (clamshell, 5 years old), some day it stopped reading CD-R/RW. I never got an answer so I hope someone knows what might be the problem. I've once had a problem reading CDs with my iMac G4 and I bought a can of compressed air, shot the air in the CD...
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    College students with Jobs HELP!

    A lot of ebayers buy DVDs for $15 (that's an example), sell them $10 on eBay and charge $20 for shipping and handling, while it costs them $2 to ship. 15+2 = $17, customer pays $30 and it's $13 in your pockets. However, it works only with eBay newbies who forgot to look at shipping costs...
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    College students with Jobs HELP!

    When I was in college, I was also serving in the army's reserves. Money wasn't that bad, and I got to do things you'd never experience anywhere else. You should take a look at it!
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    Wayne's World v Dumb & Dumber

    Well in grade 5 you know a few words, and you can make a few sentences, but now listen to a movie in English. Most people (adults) in Montreal and near the US/Ontario borders speak English pretty well but they're not fully bilingual.
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    Post your desktop!

    That will be my pleasure, as long as we don't race on Quebec's roads, they are actually a bunch of holes with asphalt surrounding them. Well I'm not rich yet unfortunately. I'm really looking for that new chevy Malibu, I need a new car by 2007. It's a very good deal, is there a catch???
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    Microsoft's portable device

    I don't know what it is, but I know I won't buy it. By the way, on one of the links above there is another link to Microsoft that gives you a small USB drive, here's the link (you need a passport account): The link doesn't...
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    Wayne's World v Dumb & Dumber

    When I first saw Wayne's World I was in grade 5 in Québec and I didn't know a word of English. So I was pretty excited when I discovered Saturday Night Live in the late 90s, and the reruns with Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tim Meadows (who was still there!), Chris Farley, Adam Sandlers, etc. etc...
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    What do you think of MacMinis?

    Which one is the best? These prices are in canadian currency and I have the student rebates. With no options: iMac (intel) $1399 Mac Mini (intel) $680 Sounds much cheaper, but the iMac is faster (1.5 GHz Mac Mini and 1.83 GHz iMac), already has an LCD 17" monitor, 160 GB...