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    Question regarding long-term use of Time Machine

    So, in theory, the bigger the drive, the longer the span of time I'll have good backups?
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    Question regarding long-term use of Time Machine

    Ok, I found this thread showing how to do it at the file level (I assume this would work at the directory level, too). Is this the only/best way? Thanks again.
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    Question regarding long-term use of Time Machine

    So my question is this... I'm currently using a 60gb MacBook 1.83 w/leopard. My Time Machine volume is a 250gb USB drive. Over time I could see myself filling the drive because I listen to a lot of podcasts and since time machine is doing a backup rather than a sync, every podcast present...
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    USB Wireless adapter

    For reasons I would rather not get into, let's say that I had to stop using my built-in wireless card and had to switch to a USB adapter. Let's also say that the driver for the Asus & Hawking adapters (both re-packaged versions of the same crap) are buggy as hell and cause system panics when...
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    Rename many files at once

    How about some scripty goodness?
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    I want to switch but...

    Hit Circuit City and pick up a $399 laptop on sale. I did that for my GPS.
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    XCode questions.

    Ditto on the book order!
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    Taking the plunge - first real project

    I'm a professional coder on other systems, but a Mac user at home. Switched about 2 years ago and haven't looked back (tho' my MacBook Pro does still have an XP partition for usage with my GPS). Aside from the occasional command line utils or Java app, I haven't really done any real "Mac...
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    Darwin ports on intel macbook??

    See? That didn't take long. There ya go! :)
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    Darwin ports on intel macbook??

    Just wait for the right stuff. Remember, this whole move to Intel is akin to replacing the foundation right out from under your house. There's *lots* of stuff out there that has to be refactored, or rebuilt from source. Sometimes developers take that sometimes-necessary platform dependent...
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    Should I buy now or later

    I bought a MacBook Pro which I had to promptly return. Severe lockups, then disk errors - bad hard drive from the git-go. They replaced it, but told me not to open it because "some news" was forthcoming. I mentioned I *really* wanted to save a little money and wait for the iBook replacements and...
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    Windows 98 on Intel Mac?

    I disagree. It's a good answer to a good question. If you need a hammer, don't buy a plunger. $.02
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    Installing Windows XP on MacBook Pro

    I bought Macs for the main reason that I don't like giving up 30% of my CPU to mandatory virus protection software and having to drop YET MORE cash on monthly subscriptions to keep it updated. Yes, Microsoft still fundamentally owns the retail computing market's OS, however I find the user...
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    syncing iTunes directories - not working quite right on a MacBook Pro

    That's an excellent suggestion, except that it did work on the iBook. That was my hope, that I had to run thru' them to set a marker somewhere other than in /Users/chornbe/ somewhere. So, I let a few of them play, then did a new rsync session with the same results. I may just have to settle...
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    syncing iTunes directories - not working quite right on a MacBook Pro

    It's set to do it automatically, just as the iBook was. I'm very anal about keeping the directories clean (and I sound like an idiot saying "know" rather than "no" in the post above), so I only have it set to keep episodes that have not been listened to and such. I've been over all the...