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    Mac Mail - Timeout settings?

    Can anyone confirm that there is no way to change the timeout setting in Mac Mail?
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    Mac Mail - Timeout settings?

    Has anyone found a method of increasing the timeout setting for Mac Mail? I work at a large hosting provider and find that if a customer's inbox is say, over 10MB, Mac Mail can't handle the download. Checking Apples support articles it doesn't seem that they have a setting for this in Mac...
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    Google groups...

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    PHP and XML?

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    iPod Linux Woes

    The iPod works on almost all flavors of Linux as long as they support USB or Firewire. Which is I think anyone running the 2.4 version of the kernel or later (2.4 is pretty much standard). The thing is the iPod is actually just a hard drive with some special firmware that allows it to do...
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    iPod Linux Woes

    I'm having difficulties with my iPod starting up and not being able to find it's system files. I have an iMac at my parents house, no room for it around here and that is what I used to upload songs onto my iPod. I'm trying to access the iPod from my laptop running Slackware (which shouldn't be a...
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    "Disconnecting..." forever

    If you don't mind using the terminal, I think, reading the manual for the commands ps, and kill will help you solve your problem. Also I don't know if this goes for OS X but on other linux distros you can either use the shutdown command with some option for a quick reboot. Maybe someone with...
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    Camino with Safari Tabs

    Can anyone post screenshots? I searched google, no luck. I'm away from my Mac for the time being. -Thanks in advance
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    First new iMac images ??

    Didn't Steve Jobs say he went with the design of the lamp iMac because if the drives were mounted sideways it would degrade the performance of those drives. Why would he change his mind now?
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    Apple using DMCA?

    To shed some light on the issue.
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    Apple using DMCA?

    Why Apple why? BTW: I've just read horrible things about the DMCA and I wish Apple wouldn't support it. I have no problem with Apple stopping these people from making the software, but I wish they wouldn't have used the DMCA to back...
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    Which OS are you?

    HAHA I got OS X and I tried to answer them all truthfully :)
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    Microsoft Free

    I just wanted to announce that even though I have purchased a PC laptop (school purposes). I no longer need to use any Microsoft products because I have successfully installed Slackware linux . I'm having a great time messing with this stuff. :D