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    OS X.1 internet connect error

    Same problem here, but I had success fixing it with my Wallstreet by copying the "Powerbook G3 Internal 56k" script from the MacOS 9 "Extensions:Modem Scripts" to "/Library/Modem Scripts" and selecting it in the Network panel of MacOS X. Dave
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    Terminal Services

    I can confirm that Expect compiles fine. But you do need to first compile and install the Libc from Apple's Darwin source code. Dave
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    Terminal Services

    There is a tool that can automate keystrokes in a terminal and can enhance shell scripting greatly when you want to automate commands across several login sessions. Some Linux distributions have it already installed (I'm pretty sure it's on LinuxPPC), but I'm not aware of it being ported to...
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    I've been having similar problems with my Classic environment since I reinstalled MacOS 9 & X. It starts then crashes. I've got two partitions: an HFS+ for MacOS 9 and UFS for MacOS X. According to a note I spotted on Deja, the Classic app needs to be run from an HFS+ partition. So this is...
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    rpm-3.0.1 ported to MacOSX

    Most people will (and probably should) be using the dpkg, but I wanted access to the source code on my LinuxPPC disk. The port was pretty straight forward, but there were a few places I had run into trouble. Just an FYI in case you WTK: cd into the source directory and: cp...
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    Recompuling linux apps

    The mathlib is available (if you still need it) at Apple's Darwin site: I had an old app that refused to compile without it. It seems to work just Dandy. -- Dave
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    Recompuling linux apps

    LunaMorena, Try: ./configure --host=powerpc The default (if you use the /usr/libexec/config.guess instead of the config.guess supplied with the source code) seems to be: powerpc-apple-darwin1.2. This seems to make configure very confused. I can't claim to have had great luck in...
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    Removing OS X

    Those utitlities are probably the easiest and the safest, but in a pinch you can just use Sherlock to do a search for invisible files and manipulate them from Sherlock's window. Just hit the Edit button beside "custom." You might have to hold down the option or command key (I forget which) with...