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    Caldav On Android

    I have one guy in my office with a android, I need him on the company calendar. How do I get him setup to see the server? I tried looking on youtube and what not for some examples, most are geared towards support of that company stuff and little seams to apply to general calDav accounts.
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    Problems With Dns

    I'm having trouble getting my routing to work properly. I have my server setup as I have DNS on with the fallowing setup (I've replaced my actually domain with "" Primary Zone: "Machine" "Nameserver" Reverse Zone...
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    Setting Up Server Mail To Actually Work?

    I've watched them over and over. and while he does an amazing job with all of OS Server he glazes over mail. he doesn't even truly set one up he just acts as if he does and then moves on to say "don't set one up..."
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    Setting Up Server Mail To Actually Work?

    I've been using mac server for some time now with great success. Up until now I've been using just a few of the simple things. Contacts, Calendar, Messenger and the Website. I use the server as kind of a background service. Now I'm looking to move mail into the mix.... So far I've only been able...
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    Godaddy & Mac OS X 10.6 Multiple websites on one host

    I'm told that i can have more then one site on my server and mealy by the person typing in different address they can pull up a different site behind one IP address.... HOW? I have tried every thing I can think of. I got OSX Server because I wanted to learn how to do more stuff on my own. I...