Problems With Dns


I'm having trouble getting my routing to work properly.

I have my server setup as I have DNS on with the fallowing setup (I've replaced my actually domain with ""

Primary Zone: "Machine" "Nameserver"

Reverse Zone: "Reverse Mapping" "Nameserver"

I also setup my router (Air Port Extreme) with the fallowing DNS server address (My server) (Open DNS)

For some reason I can't get any of my service to resolve when I use the domain name "" but I can get them to work if I use

What am I missing? I let the server setup DNS when I changed the host name? I did the DNS in the router. I should add that a trace route from a different computer does end up pointing to but when I try to add contacts for example I still can't get it to go through when using "" but can when using Please help stop the head banging on the desk!
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