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    OSX Panther has problems with external hard drive

    Can you access this drive in the "Classic" environment?
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    Import/export Auto Signatures Outlook 2001

    If, I may be so bold as to suggest, try this:- That should help you :)
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    Radio Link

    I must confess, I know next to zero about what you are asking for, but I have done some digging around and have come up with this:-,14076632 It is a forum, Mac related and all about LinksysWAG54G. I hope this is of some help.
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    Extensions Disabled

    Assuming of course, the default Control Panels folder is still in the Apple Menu............... OK. Let's see if 'together', we can sort this out. Firstly, make sure everything you need is properly connected to your "old bondi imas" and then, start it up and let it do it's thing. Now, at...
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    Support for Classic on intel Macs

    Hello Everybody :) Not long ago, from a Web page not far away........... comes this little snippet of news for users of MacOS "Classic" systems and it appears it's not good. I have done some digging around on Apple and Intel and it all look's "Fair Dinkum" to me. The following is an...
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    Wallstreet Powerbook Os 9.1 Wake Problem

    Hi there :) The only reason I can think of as to what causes this, is, that your Wallstreet does actually have a little magnet set into the Bezel of the lid, which, when you close the lid, (as in your above actions) triggers instant "Sleep" mode in MacOS 9.1. and I also believe the same thing...
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    MDD G4 booting OS 9

    Thank you for that reply albloom, Cheers
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    The Corporation

    "The punch cards tell a grisly tale - they reveal IBM's history and its involvement with the Third Reich. US researcher Edwin Black has followed the paper trail and solved the mystery". ZDF program "History", Germany Hello there, :) On the subject of IBM's involvement with Nazi Germany...
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    MDD G4 booting OS 9

    Hi There, :) Have you tried holding down the Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys, while 'Booting', with of course, the OS 9.2.2 CD in the appropriate drive? I suggest this, because this set of keystrokes will force your Mac to bypass your Primary Startup Volume and make it seek and alternative...
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    Wallstreet Powerbook Os 9.1 Wake Problem

    OK, Startup your Powerbook in OS 9.1 mode and for the time being, open your Energy/Sleep Control Panel and slide eveything to 'never'. Close this and then restart in OS 9.1, holding down the 'Shift" key (This turns all extensions off, during Restart). Once the Desktop appears, dig into your...
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    Wallstreet Powerbook Os 9.1 Wake Problem

    HI There ;) I think we may be able to help you, but there are a few things were going need to know first. What is the speed of your Powerbook, without the upgrade card installed and how much RAM is onboard? How many partitions on your 20g hard drive and what OS is installed on each one...