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    NeXT Step 3.0 video with Steve Jobs

    Did anyone notice the demo of the Next version of Word Perfect looked alot like what pages is now? That makes me wonder if perhaps they may be working on bringing a Lotus Improv type spreadsheet program out sometime in the near future too. That would be very cool.
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    Will 2004 be the year of Apple?

    Take it easy hulk. I have been a Mac user since the dark days way before jobs came back, and the discussion of market share and benchmarks have always been a hot topic and always will be. But, jumping on someone who points out that PC's still have an edge over the G5 in some areas isn't going...
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    Panther Troubleshooting...

    Has anybody experienced this? Sometimes when switching users, the computer hangs for about 30 seconds, and then logs EVERYBODY out. I have to re-login and all my processes have obviously been quit.
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    Panther Troubleshooting...

    I updated my video card driver and as of now (knock on wood) the problem seems to be gone. thanks
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    Panther Troubleshooting...

    I am having an issue that i haven't seen anyone else describe. I am suffering frequent temporary "hangs". Everything freezes for about 3 to 5 seconds and then goes back to normal. This happens very frequently, but not at any exact interval or after any particular action by my part. The first...
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    17 has arrived!

    Just got mine!! still setting it up, but this message is coming to you live from my new 17 powerbook and being sent over my airport network!!
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    17 has arrived!

    no, no problems. no problems. dont put that in the universe.
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    17 has arrived!

    Wooooo hooooo!! Just got notification that mine has now shipped! Should be getting it in a few days!
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    17 has arrived!

    still waiting on mine:rolleyes:
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    Does anyone have a scsi Orb drive working in X?

    I have a scsi Orb drive, but cant make it work in OSX 10.1 I have tried installing the latest scsi driver from adaptec, I have tried re-installing the old driver from adaptec and anything else i can think of with no luck. Castlewood has been almost no help. Anybody have any suggestions...
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    Excel question

    RhitMacMan, I sent a PM also, hope you dont mind. I have a question about excel, but the 1000 character limit is too small to thouroughly explain here. The PM explains more, if you think you can help, let me know and i can email you a more detailed explanation. Thanks in advance. darron
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    Why Doesn't Java Work Like It Should?

    Symphonix,t I didnt think of that before, so i gave it a try. It was an interesting idea, but it didnt work either, unless I am doing something wrong. The one applet that i am testing this with is yahoo chat. Has anybody else had better luck? The applet launcher did absolutely nothing. thanks