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    iTunes and remote volumes

    Yeah, but if there are several files thoughout the library, I dont want to have to click on on each of them. Ben
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    iTunes and remote volumes

    It is very easy to use iTunes to play songs on a remote files system, by just mounting that volume and adding the songs to your library. If you then set your iTunes Music Folder to that remote volume, anything you add will obviously be copied to the shared location. One problem I have had...
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    Mac OSX 10.2.4 and Windows Millenium

    Hi there, 1st the obvious Have you turned on Windows File Sharing? (System Preferences / Sharing / Services) 2nd Do you know your IPs? If the name of the Mac doesn't work you may try connecting to the IP. 3rd. I usually use (from the PC) Start / Run / "//machineName" Good luck Ben
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    SOCKS help needed

    OK, time for me to talk to my self... I was pointed to by a colleague. Once compiling the available source code (which was no problem) I added setenv CVS_RSH /usr/bin/ssh to my ~/.tcshrc file and Host ProxyCommand...
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    SOCKS help needed

    It's been a while since people asked, and recieved no (public) answers, so I guess I'll ask again. I am wanting to use terminal CVS and its GUI CVL as well as being able to FTP / SSH etc from my Mac at work. Unfortunately we use a Socks firewall so even though I have set up the socks part...
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    iPod 2 Speculation

    I don't know about how things are in the US, but in the UK Digital Radio is taking off. How feasable would that be in a new iPod? Ben
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    OSX Trash Bin won't trash????

    OK 1st up doing this COULD be dangerous. The messages are there to tell you something like 'hey mate, that there file aint your, it's Bubba's' (Or more likely root's, say for binning an app you don't want, or an app the the developer has been a bit careless with permissions on, or what ever!)...
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    Application menu in X!

    Just in case people were wandering what the 'popular' opinion of ASM was... Well I'd say that if you like the Application Menu (and I do) you should have it... Mice little App Eid
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    OS X ON PC what if...

    Apple's Enterprise Web Development environment, WebObjects, (Versions 4 & 4.5) runs using a cross platform environment, called YellowBox. (This is what has evolved into Cocoa) YellowBox Applications, if written VERY well, could be completely cross platform. For example Project Builder (look on...
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    Some Unix Knowledge

    Just had another flash of rememberance... If you want to see what commands you can do from the command line type in something like <a^d> (The ^ means control so I mean press & hold the control key, and press d) This will list all shell commands beginning with a For example: [b-fore:~] ben%...
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    Beautiful! My primary OS on a B&W G3!

    Just for those of you who care, I have gone back to try the voodoo 3 card in my machine. It works fine, however as far as I can tell isn't giving me any accelaration. A couple of words of warning though, my card is allowing me to see higher video resolutions than the rage pro, however if I...
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    Things Apple forgot in OS X

    Yeah I am trying to keep all of my work in OS X native. Just about managing to.
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    New Drawers Please

    Yeah I've dual booted into Linux PPC for a while now... Eid
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    Things Apple forgot in OS X

    Remember OS X is a multiple user machine/ Create a (MacOS X) account for your flatmate. Load up mail (from within their account) put in their details.
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    New Drawers Please

    I don't usually post topics commending stuff, however I downloaded Drop Drawers X yesterday and well it seems to solve some of the things I would like to Dock to do. Be available on any side of the screen and be able to contain a 'folder of...