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    A time for understanding after the attack on America

    come to NY soapvox and breathe the smoke and we'll see if you feel the same way.
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    I Need Help...

    Project Menu > Edit Active Target > Application Settings tab > Main nib file look at AppKit/NSNibLoading.h
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    Downtime Issues
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    Problem with 5G48

    I've never *not* gotten a response within a day or two to anything I've sent to ADC (question, bugreport, etc.)
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    Opening OpenFirmware

    by definition, old world machines don't have open firmware.
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    Help needed, Endian....?

    the only thing i can think of is you were saving the document as an attributed string or in the wrong encoding
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    Help me setting the sudoers file

    man sudo man visudo man sudoers
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    so what will be the final build?

    what difference does it make?
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    where are all the drivers?

    Carbon has only really been usable for large scale apps since 1.3, and given Apple's track record with shipping 'next generation' MacOSes I don't blame developers for waiting until they had the retail box in their hand before doing anything.
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    Web Hosting

    what actually happens? does it return a 404? does the connection time out? does it say server not found? have you enabled web sharing? does your isp block servers on their network?
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    I Need Help...

    That's an easy one :) Just add an action called visitWebPage (or whatever) to your object, connect the button to it, and add the following code in PB: -(IBAction)visitWebPage:(id)sender { [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL: [NSURL...
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    I Need Help...
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    what isn't great on X ... why Apple is wrong.

    that's ok, the G4 towers are loud enough to make up for them.
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    OSX ~/Library/Plug-Ins/???

    It's an indication that you installed something that put those there.
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    Brand new to macs, looking for advice on which OS to use ...

    Ya, you just open System Disk or System Prefs (depending on what you're switching from) and select whichever system you want to use.