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    USB H/K Soundsticks - No Sound

    There is a problem with Classic and USB speakers (its in a technote somewhere). So the MacOS X sound system now finds the USB speakers in this case only to have Classic not work with them. The G4 Cube has the same problem with its speakers (they use the same USB audio driver). - Eric
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    No sound under MacOS X

    It appears that there is a problem when using external speakers on an iMac and they are plugged into the jack on the side of the unit. If you plug them into one of the jacks on the front of the machine, they should work fine. (Alternatively, you can leave them plugged into the side and plug...
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    USB H/K Soundsticks - No Sound

    This is a known problem with Classic and USB audio devices (and is in a TIL somewhere - I don't have the number handy). Unfortunately there's no workaround. - Eric
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    USB H/K Soundsticks - No Sound

    The issue with the Public Beta release is that the system doesn't correctly deal with multiple audio output devices. It simply uses the first one that it finds (which in this case happens to be the built-in audio device). AFAIK, the H/K soundsticks should work properly with the supplied USB...