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    The Jaguar Bugs Thread

    If you have Jaguar and a mac with a Rage128 graphics card (such as the earlier slot-loading iMacs) the mac will freeze/crash instantly if a screensaver comes on which involves one picture fading out while another fades in. Examples of such screensaver modules are Forest, Beach, Pictures folder...
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    A4 default- how?

    The above instructions are slightly incorrect. You need to type "iso-a4" (lower case), NOT "iso-A4" or it won't work. Also, you will need to log in as root to change the file.
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    Numeric keypad broken under 10.1?

    I discovered the same problem yesterday and then remembered that I'd turned on the Mouse Keys option in the Universal Access panel of System Preferences. Turn it off and your numeric keypad should work. It did for me.
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    X.1 Update received from Apple?

    I received my update direct from Apple Australia on Wednesday (3 Oct), after having ordered it 1 week earlier. :) At the time I ordered it, Apple Australia didn't have any copies, but they apparently got their first shipment last Friday.
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    Date and Time

    As far as the second problem is concerned (ie. the Open Date and Time menu command not working) I had a similar problem with the Open Dock Preferences menus not working and I managed to fix it. I expect the same fix will work for other Menu commands to open preferences. Basically, your...
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    iMac sound still tinny under 10.1

    I have an iMac DV (original slot-loading) with the internal Harman Kardon speakers. The first thing I noticed when I installed OS X was that the sound from the internal speakers was hideous - really tinny with no bass whatsoever. The speakers are "out of phase" in that if you move the balance...
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    OS X 10.1 Developer Tools now available

    After trying to download 10.1 from Carracho servers for days and achieving a maximum speed of about 14 K/sec, it's such a relief to be able to download the Dev Tools at 180 K/sec or so. Whereas this download took 19 minutes, my download of 10.1 still has 8 and a half hours to go. It makes me...
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    Microsoft Intellipoint

    Without OS X drivers, the left mouse button works as per normal, the right button simulates control-click, the scroll wheel works in some applications and not others. The extra buttons on the side don't work at all. In OS 10.0.4, the scroll wheel only works in Cocoa applications and some...
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    Where can I d/l this thing?

    What?? I don't know where you're getting your exchange rates from, but I think you'll find that $29.95 NZ dollars is only around $12 US, so you're getting the update for roughly half the price that Americans pay for shipping. Your dealer should not be charging you anything for the update CD...