iMac sound still tinny under 10.1


I have an iMac DV (original slot-loading) with the internal Harman Kardon speakers. The first thing I noticed when I installed OS X was that the sound from the internal speakers was hideous - really tinny with no bass whatsoever. The speakers are "out of phase" in that if you move the balance all the way to the left or right speaker, the bass comes back, but as soon as you put the balance in the middle it disappears again. The sound is absolutely fine when I boot in OS 9 though.

Numerous slot-loading iMac owners have complained about this problem since OS X was released, so I really thought it would be fixed by 10.1. It wasn't. I had high hopes because I read a post on the MacNN forums (back when they still worked) that 10.1 did fix this problem.

Could anyone else with 10.1 tell me if it fixed the sound on their iMac? Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing it? I've tried zapping the PRAM.
yep, Apple is now saying that slot loading imacs, and iBooks until newest models have out-of-phase sound through the internal speakers when using OSX 10.1, Their helpful fix is to use external speakers plugged in to audio output (side port). No mention of a possible future software fix....Probably someone handy with that kind of thing could go inside the iMac and reverse wires to one of the internal speakers, that would take care of the prob, but heard the prob doesn't exist with OS9, what's up with that? :confused: :p